INNS – Amended List Published Annually


imagesRFDEE11SAmendments to the INNS list are published annually by the World Health Organisation and t

hen published in an EU Official Journal. If you are importing or exporting pharmaceutical active ingredients, INNS specified salts, esters or hydrates of such INNS, or pharmaceutical intermediates used in the production of finished pharmaceutical products, we recommend you review your imports and exports in light of these changes. The amendments to the Combined Nomenclature (“CN”) include:

Annex 3 of the CN – pharmaceutical substances that are duty free.

Annex 4 of the CN – list of prefixes and suffixes which, in combination with the INNS of Annex 3, describe the salts, esters or hydrates of INNS; these salts, esters and hydrates are duty free provided they fall to be classified in the same 6-digit HS subheading as the corresponding INN.

Annex 6 of the CN –list of pharmaceutical intermediates (compounds used for the manufacture of finished pharmaceutical products) which are duty free.

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